Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Christmas plans are underway! Lots of Important info!!!!!

A Big WELCOME to all the new neighbors, and a MIGHTY HELLO to our mainstay neighbors. Hope everyone’s busy decorating houses. We have the contest for best & current decorated houses 1st-2nd & 3rd!  Plan those get togethers. Our popular local light show at Rockingham and Gulfstream Trail North should be up and running this week (6-9pm), please remember manners while enjoying the show. We need everyone’s help to make December 17th a success.  Luminary sales have started.  $5.00 for 12 bags and 12 candles (remember to freeze candles so they burn longer) They are sold on Honor system at 2074 Monmouth Circle.

Saturday December 17 is the Big day for Park West:

Sand will be at the pond in the morning. Provided by Stone’s Plus (4th year they have donated to us). Bring shovel and bucket.


Please need a few men to help off load sleigh at pond.  Will also need men to help reload sleigh. Plus, set up and break down tables.


Everyone will line up for the parade at Ameris, please decorate anything–lawn mowers, atv’s, dogs, self, bikes cars, etc… We will lead the parade from Ameris to pond. Down Belmont to 4 way stop then to pond. Prizes for paid member and relatives’ winners

For Paid Members Only

NEW! NEW! We are having an Ugliest Sweater Contest! All paid members and their relatives are eligible to win. Bring out those sweaters.

Also for all paid members we will possibly have 2 drawings for a full set of books from a top selling author signed especially for you, and a CD or 2 from a popular singer, signed for you!!

We will have a sheet to check member status of your address for you, and will accept payments (check, cash, credit) to PWCA also, don’t want you to miss out on this.


Santa will be waiting at the pond to greet everyone, you can take pictures with him and he will listen to the wishes of all who sit on his lap.  He will hand out the donated toys to children there.  We will have hotdogs and drinks provided by PWCA. Santa must leave by 5:45 pm.  If you want your child to get a special gift from Santa you must contact Nancy Barlow ahead of time, 405-7262.


Set up and light luminaries (place some sand in bag place the candle in sand, then light it. Place them about every 2 feet on the street lining your property).  PLEASE ALL WE NEED TO LIGHT UP PARK WEST!!!


Santa will start his ride, and tossing out the donated bagged candy. We will not stop at any houses so if you want pictures please come to pond. Remember, be patient we are trying to get around neighborhood in1 hour.

Toy Collection

We SERIOUSLY NEED– Toys for Santa to hand out at pond (little, and inexpensive), and Wrapped Candy for the ride Please drop off these items at 2074 Monmouth Circle. Try to drop off candy early so I can have it bagged for the ride.

Payments, Questions, Etc.

YOU MAY ALSO DROP OFF PWCA PAYMENTS HERE. Mail p.o. box 1497 op, fl 32067

Questions call 405-7262.

Everyone Please get involved to make this a success for all especially the children!

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